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The court system belongs to the people of Florida, not the judges who populate it although you would think some judges think they own the court system.  While there are a number of fair and impartial judges in the sixth district court, we have some judges who think that being a judge allows them LIE and be anything but fair and impartial.  Take Jack Helinger.  Jack is so arrogant as to say in open court that there is no justice in his court, manipulates court proceedings to favor who he wants to win, insults and ridicules the other litigant, ignores irrefutable evidence and makes up his own evidence, dragging out cases with case management hearings, after case management hearing, after case management hearing, after case management hearing ad infinitum, not for weeks or months but for years!!!! granting ridiculous motions to he wants to win, not allowing important evidence to be introduced.  He was seated by Charlie Crist – need we say more!!

If you have been victimized by Jack Helinger join us in exposing Jack Helinger and letting the 6th district court judges know we will not tolerate their behavior.  Lets get rid of this cancer in our court system

Hey Jack, you might want to read the Judges Code of Ethics !!

A Concerned Citizen

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  1. JOE says:

    I have heard of him, my good friend of 3o+ year had a ” civil hearing” that lasted 3 1/2 years,, it was a case involving a traffic accident. Jacks first cousin was cited at the site of the accident by the Highway Patrol. His Cousin ( we will call “JOE” ) was impaired by medications ( his post accident drug test showed levels of a “”controlled substance in excess of the legally prescribed daily amounts “”) and was also sited for failure to control when he left his lane and crossed into on-coming traffic, hitting my friend head on at aprox 70mph in a 35mph zone!

    Evidence was lost, transcripts & recordings normally freely available had to be subpenaed! OPEN COURT RECORDS!!
    One hearing was postponed due to ” case records did not make the transfer to the courtroom from the clerks office” !!
    He “Jack” ruled that the “ILLEGAL DRUG TEST” was NOT admissible in HIS court, And would NOT be a part of the case!!! Anyone else that the police suspect of driving under the influence MUST submit to a sobriety test of face jail or loss of his/her license. THE STATE HIGHWAY PATROL did this STANDARD FIELD SOBRIETY TEST, ( although he was injured, it was clear they he was under the influence” Then had it confirmed at the local hospital.
    Thanks to the Trooper who would NOT BE INFLUENCED buy this judge, the citation for “failure to control” stuck. This judge called this trooper a ” Unmitigated moron and liar” and that after a accident a person could become more impaired due to the crash!!!
    What was at stake was the fact that “JOE” had no insurance ( his insurance was suspended temporally for non payment) and, at the time of the accident he presented proof of insurance that was a forgery!! No charges for that either.!!
    Judge was successful in getting JOE off with no jail time, no fines, and paid no damages.
    No loss of JOEs license!!
    This is the kind of person JACK is,,, My friend is still paying his health insurance deductible and loses due to this accident, as well as use of this left arm and amputation of left foot up to his ankle!

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