The Florida court system belongs to the people of Florida not the judges who populate the courts.  There are numerous good judges in the sixth district court,  and then there is Jack Helinger.  Jack has the arrogance to say in open court that there is no justice in his courtroom.  Truer words were never spoken. Isn’t that what we go to court for Jack !!!!

Jack thinks because he is a judge , its o.k. to lie,  manipulate court proceedings to favor who he wants to win and insults and ridicules the other litigant,  ignores bona fide evidence, makes up his own “facts”, drags out proceedings with case management meeting after case management meeting after case management meeting ,ad infinitum, When Jack is presented with evidence, he ignores it and makes up his own evidence.  And he gets away with it! We are going to put a stop to  Jack.

We count at least 22 complaints on the internet all basically saying the  same things about good ol Jack – that he is arrogant, insulting, rude, and lies.

When Jack wants someone to win it’s ok for that person to take marital assets.  Jack calls this “self help”.  When Jack is supplied with reports from two forensic CPA, saying otherwise, he dismisses them.

Join us in exposing Jack Helinger and help us get rid of this political hack and the other 6th district court judges who have no business on the bench.  Lets start with Jack!

Lets get this Cancer out of our court system

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  1. david lamontagne says:

    Hello Mr. Lazzara, I believe you!!! My case is unreal as well!!! It was for custody and child support!!! I am 100% clean, my whole life!!!! 99-000-1437-fd Went on for 15 years!!! There is so so much. Same Pinellas court. I am pretty sure it has criminal implications. Most if not all of everything is documented!!!! They have ripped my son away from me , stolen all my money. I was in real estate for 22 years, got knocked out!!!! Went from about 60k a year to now on food stamps!!! I owned my own business too!!! Sounds very familiar!!!!! Need a case to move forward, look this up!! YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES!!!!!

  2. Patrick says:

    Florida’s citizens have Rights, and suport the First Amendment, which is only one
    of the ten that protect the others!

    Any Judge who acts in this manner deserves to be de-frocked as the biased anti-American that he is!

    I am appalled that he has not been censured by higher authority!

    Let’s vote him off the bench!

    In fact, we may need to vote the entire sitting bunch down,
    with our votes, for failing ‘We, the people”!

  3. Gregg says:

    Keep up the good fight. These judges ruin peoples lives by make hastily decisions which destroy lives,relationships and the innocent little ones who pay the ultimate price.
    Two Words – Term Limits
    No elected official shall serve more then one term!!!! We the people by the people.

  4. Tom says:

    I’ve had the same experience in a court room. This judge was completetly rude, making people of different nationality feel stupid, humiliating them in front of everyone. Some of them didn’t speak or understand english and he would berate them. Another thing, is they went case by case in alphabetic order. even with the ones who were already locked up and on video feed from where they were locked up. I had to take time off from work and sit there till my turn was called. Couldn’t they do the people who are carserated after the people who are there live? He was a real A@#

  5. Abraham ben Judea says:

    Where does the judge lives?
    150 2ND AVE N STE 840
    ST PETERSBURG, FL 33701-3341

  6. Jason C. Ward says:

    Mr. Mazzarra, I read your story and having gone through a similar ordeal myself where the judge just made her own assumptions and gave little or no thought to my side of the case. I was on deployment and even though my wife and I had already filded for divorce and agreed upon everything, she got pregnant by her boss who she had been having an affair with, and re filed to take full custody of my son. So I came home from deployment to fight to see my son and ended up getting stuck with a huge amount of child support and not seeing my son that much. I am looking to go back to court in a few years once I save up enough money to get a good attorney. I would really like to start something here, I seen the police said it was a “distraction” to the public which we both know is B.S. . I say we start a kickstarter project to appropiate funds for billboards in your area that make it 100% legal to say your thoughts. If you’re interested I would love to bounce some ideas around and see if we can come up with a gameplan.

    Jason C. Ward

  7. Rudolph hodge says:

    I find my self in the same boat as you with a acting judge here in Dixie county Fl.. I have not seen my kids in over a year and now she just add another year to it that my children are not allowed to see me.. she made up her on evidence and totally ignore the law enforcements reports , stated attorney, family and children reports…so pissed off here in Dixie from these clowns playing god with our lives.

  8. chris says:

    The justice system in the U.S. is a travesty. We have fallen from being number one in democracy and justice to the lower end of the list. Bribery, corruption, fraud, embezzlement. How many public officials have been sentenced in the last few years for the above crimes? Cronyism has always been part of the U.S. system but now it’s at its worst.

  9. Stacy says:

    I saw your story on the news & would like to get in contact.I have had an awful divorce due to the court system. I was wondering how many people have had this terrible outcome? I now know the judge & Ex’s attorney were friends. How do we stop all this? I have read that the divorce system in our country is the biggest money maker in the system. Please tell me if I can help you get something going. False accusations have caused me to lose my home, my children (who I stayed at home to raise). I got no alimony, or child support. It was all wacko, my friends & family can’t believe what I went through. Stacy 813/842/3077

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